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McClellan Hall Renovation

New Haven, CT
12,000 sq ft

McClellan Hall, designed by architect Walter B. Chambers in 1925, was originally built to house students as a replica of Connecticut Hall symmetrically placed at the end of Yale’s Old Campus. The building was recently being used as the home of the History Department. The Apicella + Bunton design returned the building to residential use with single bedroom units, fully renovated and enhanced restrooms and common rooms on all floors.

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The project began with a comprehensive code and life safety analysis. A+B’s renovation draws from the Old Campus Master Plan and Yale’s Design Guidelines to confirm and provide that basic residential hall building code and building system requirements are met.


The new wood paneled entry functions as a transitional space between inside and outside, modulating temperature differences, enhancing security and creating a generous walk-off zone for snow and dirt. Historic materials like wood and slate are featured along with simplified, modern detailing to harmonize with the historic structure and character of Old Campus.